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Are You Really Listening? Online Course
HighGain's online course is an interactive tool to help you increase your listening IQ. The price is $49.

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This 45-minute online course is personalized so that you can focus on your listening areas of need or interest. You will learn HighGain's proven listening model that teaches the four elements of excellent listening, and have the chance to do some listening exercises [audio is optional].

The self-assessment is central to this course. After taking the test, you will get detailed feedback, which will allow you to give those challenging areas extra focus

You also receive a summary of the program at the end of this course. You can further develop your skills with the book list at the end of the program. Additionally, will receive our quarterly newsletter.


Listening Self-Assessment:

After your test you will get this score and detailed explanations of all the questions and how you scored. You can take your % scores and use them to guide you through the program. You will get 8-10 specific recommendations to improve your listening skills.

Each section of this course refers to the six qualities of a good listener - Memory, Open-mind, Respect, Empathy, Attention, Response— allowing you to pay additional attention.

HighGain Listening Blocks:

This is the area of listening development people find most interesting. All of us screen our experiences through our perceptual filters that consist of all that makes each of us unique.

Listening Blocks arise in response to these filters, and are to many extents "optional" - we are able to block or not block communication as we wish. Five major listening blocks are discussed in the course.

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